Director Quits Uni's 'Wolfman' Remake

Start your engines, agents, because this is a prime project to slot in one of your many out-of-work directors. I have no doubt that Universal will find another helmer by the end of the week after Mark Romanek quit Universal’s The Wolfman. That’s right, quit. “He just blew the opportunity of a lifetime, which is mind-boggling,” an insider tells me. The commercial and video director did the well received but small budget One Hour Photo and made the step up to a big studio pic with a budget of $100 mil (but the cost is only $85M to Uni because of the UK rebate). But then Romanek decided he couldn’t make the film with just that dough. “He’s a purist, an artiste, an exquisite craftsman, but he just had a budget schedule he couldn’t accomodate,” an insider explains. Talk about career suicide.

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