No Name Change For 20th Century Fox

UPDATE: Forget that News Corp is renaming its new separate media and entertainment business 21st Century Fox to take it into the future. 20th Century Fox is sticking to its past. “The film studio is not changing names or logo,” a 20th Century Fox movie exec tells me today. Another tells me that the TV studios also are keeping the 20th Century Fox name. Why? Because the studios studied the situation and discovered that the name is one of the most recognizable in the world and has “real value” and “positive association” to the public, particularly overseas. (I hear that’s why the parent company is leveraging that name.) “It’s an 80-year-old brand that stands for something and means something to people,” the studio decided. Executives tell me the studio would have changed its moniker at the millennium. “But it’s long since lost the connection to the century. It’s a brand. It’s something that has lasted. The other company is brand new and begins in the 21st century.” I’m told that Rupert Murdoch and his Big Media corporation had “no issue” with 20th Century Fox retaining its name. I personally think that the film/TV studios simply didn’t want to pay to change all that perfectly good letterhead stationery. Meanwhile, Futurama keeps calling the studio ’30th Century Fox’.

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