Paul Feig’s Feigco Taps Jessie Henderson As Exec Veep

Paul Feig’s Feigco Entertainment has tapped Jessie Henderson to be the company’s executive vice president. Henderson, who leaves Chernin Entertainment to take this job, will be in charge of finding and developing new projects for the company to produce as well as shepherding the ones generated internally. Feigco Entertainment has a first look deal at Fox to fine commercial and edgy R rated comedies in the spirit of his hit Bridesmaids. His latest, The Heat, opens in June.

Feig also recently set with Chernin Entertainment a mother daughter comedy to be scripted by The Heat writer Katie Dippold, so between The Heat and that film, there’s been a lot of co-mingling with the Chernin folks. Feig also promoted Joshua Thurston.

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