CinemaCon: Theater Owners Down On ‘Pain & Gain’

I’m in the trenches with the exhibition community through Thursday reporting on their reactions to the Hollywood studio slates shown at CinemaCon. A number of theater owners late last night and this morning had mixed reactions to Paramount‘s full Pain & Gain screening. Too long and too gory are frequent complaints. The broad comic tone contrasting with the disturbing real-life crimes the protagonists committed (murder, kidnapping, torture) left some uncomfortable. Owners of small and mid-sized theaters I spoke with aren’t expecting a huge hit at their theaters, although Mark Wahlberg and The Rock have appeal and it’s opening against Lionsgate’s romantic comedy The Big Wedding next Friday. But considering it’s Michael Bay aiming for Coen brothers territory, that’s not a huge surprise. UPDATE: Paramount just released a new clip for the movie so you can judge for yourself:

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