Charlie Sheen Returns To Warner Bros. Lot

Charlie Sheen was famously banned from the Warner Bros. lot, where Two And A Half Men is filmed, at the height of his 2011 public meltdown after the actor vowed to show up for work even following CBS and the studio’s decision to pull the plug on the show for the season. More than two years later, he set foot on the lot for the first time, appearing on Conan to promote his cameo in Scary Movie 5. He arrived in a military tank, joined inside by two “goddesses.” Things have changed in two years. “When we pulled up to the gate, they ran like a really intense security check. Not that intense … but I used to be able to just cruise on in. Not anymore,” he lamented. But some things haven’t changed, like Sheen’s bad feelings against Men executive producer Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros., which fired him from the show. He said he keeps his anger issues in check by whacking a watermelon-filled duffel bag with a bat and imagining there is “a Warner Bros. executive hugging Chuck Lorre” inside.

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