Cablevision CEO Jim Dolan Made $16.9M In 2012, +47.3%

The stock was just up 3.6% last year, but the board says that execs did a good job despite “the continuing difficult economic and competitive environment in 2012 and the impact of Superstorm Sandy.” Jim Dolan‘s package consisted of $1.8M salary, $3.7M stock awards, $6.9M option awards, $3.7M non-equity incentives, $238,429 change in pension value, and $592,715 in other compensation, according to the proxy filed at the SEC this evening. The package was just a little bigger than the one Cablevision gave Charles Dolan, Jim’s father and the company founder. He made $16.6M, +51.1%. Jim’s compensation was just 2.1 times the median for other execs if you include Charles, which would be below the level (3 times) that makes corporate governance monitors worry that the CEO wields too much power. Cablevision shouldn’t have to worry that Jim Dolan might bolt to work somewhere else. His family controls 72.9% of Cablevision’s voting shares. Still, the board benchmarked his pay against CEOs of what it considers to be peer group companies including Comcast, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Viacom, CBS, CenturyLink, Dish Network, Liberty Media, Frontier Communications, Level 3 Communications, Windstream Corp, and Charter. The shareholder meeting will be held May 23 in Bethpage, NY.

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