Doug Liman May 'Kill': '3 Musketeers' DOA?

EXCLUSIVE: Fair Game director Doug Liman is circling All You Need Is Kill, the Dante Harper-scripted adaptation of the Hiroshi Sakurazaka drama which Warner Bros acquired in a 7-figure spec deal this spring. The rumors of this pending deal come as suspicion builds that Warner Bros might well be cooling on its The Three Musketeers project, which will get beaten to the start line by rival The Three Musketeers project that Paul W. S. Anderson will direct this summer in 3D that Constantin Film will finance (and produce with Impact Pictures), with Summit Entertainment distributing in the U.S. Meetings are happening this week between Liman and Warner Bros to lock down the other job.

In All You Need is Kill, a soldier pressed into battle against a superior alien species, gets killed in action, and relives his last day alive over and over. Eventually, he sees things change, he becomes a better warrior and discovers hints that might be the key to altering the outcome. Numerous directors have met on the project recently, including Sam Raimi before he landed on Disney’s The Great and Powerful Oz.

Warner Bros won’t necessarily kill its Musketeers project, but there is no sense in rushing to finish 2nd in a race when the project can be made later on down the line in an unhurried stroll.

Warners Makes 7-Figure Spec Deal For Japanese Novel

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