Paradigm Scores Again, Signing ‘Inside Man’ Scribe Russell Gewirtz

EXCLUSIVE: Paradigm has bagged another solid client for its Motion Picture department. The agency just signed screenwriter Russell Gewirtz, best known for scripting the Spike Lee-directed Inside Man and the sequel Inside Man 2. He did the final rewrite on Universal’s upcoming FBI drama Black Mass, based on a previous script by Mark Mallouk and the book of the same name by Boston Globe reporters Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill. He also scripted Righteous Kill.

The agency has soaked up a lot of name clients signed by incoming agents Rand Holston, David Boxerbaum, Ken Stovitz and Bob Bookman, and here the signing was made by Boxerbaum, Trevor Astbury and Mark Ross. Gewirtz had been at CAA with Adam Kanter and Martin Spencer, and he has been in play since they moved to Resolution. Gewirtz is repped by Patti Felker.

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