CNN Takes Out NYT “Reintroduce Ourselves” Ad; Look Who’s Left Out

It’s not getting much traction on air, so perhaps the Jeff Zucker-run CNN can find it in print. Unlike AMC’s full-page New York Times ad last week boasting about its The Walking Dead ratings, CNN’s “reintroduce ourselves” ad had no ratings results to brag about and no typos. Instead, it’s full of CNN stars like Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Christiane Amanpour as well as the new gang of Jake Tapper; morning hosts-to-be Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan; former ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols, who Zucker hired just a couple of days after formally taking over in late January; and badboy chef Anthony Bourdain, whose show debuts Sunday. What is odd about the ad, besides its feeling of desperation, is who isn’t in it. There’s no Candy Crowley, no John King and no lead congressional correspondent Dana Bash. And the ad, which also is running in the New York Post, Ad Week and Advertising Age, makes no mention of Super-Size Me director Morgan Spurlock, who was announced last August as the host of the new documentary series Inside Man. Don’t they not need to be reintroduced, or are they being shown the door like Soledad O’Brien, Roland Martin and James Carville? Stay tuned.

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