Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes Made $25.9M In 2012, Flat With 2011

The proxy filed at the SEC this afternoon says that the CEO’s contract emphasizes long-term performance over year-to-year metrics. Still, Jeff Bewkes shouldn’t complain about his compensation for a year when Time Warner shares appreciated nearly 30%. His package includes $2M salary, $6.9M in stock awards, $3M in option awards, $13.6M in non-equity incentives, $219,560 change in pension value, and $167,943 in other compensation. Most of the “other” pay is for his personal use of the company aircraft. Time Warner says that “for security reasons” Bewkes was given a car and driver and “was encouraged to use Company aircraft for business and personal use.” Bewkes’ pay was 4.5 times higher than the median for his four closest colleagues, just a tad better than last year’s 4.6 times but still well over the line (3 times) that makes corporate governance watchdogs fear that a CEO wields too much power. (more…)

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