Fujifilm Motion Picture Film Biz Officially Dead

Deadline first reported the demise of Fuji’s film products exclusively last November, when the company revealed its plans and blamed the shutdown on the proliferation of digital filmmaking and decreased demand for film. This week Fujifilm officially discontinued the production of their Color Positive Film, Color Negative Film, B&W Positive/Negative Film, Intermediate Film, Sound Recording Film, and High Contrast Panchromatic Film. Certain chemical products in Japan have been phased out, Fujifilm added in a statement. Their motion picture division will stay open providing products and services used in digital workflow like Recording Film for Digital Separation [ETERNA-RDS] for long-term archiving. Their IS-100 Imaging processing system and Fujinon lens production for digital film cameras and projectors will continue in production. Fuji had provided a reported 20% of film for studio projects with 80% coming from rival manufacturer Kodak.

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