Jon Stewart Defends His Egyptian Doppelganger Bassem Youssef – And Finds A Way To Rip NBC: Video

The Daily Show host managed to work a couple of NBCJay Leno jokes into his segment last night defending Bassem Youssef, who’s known as “The Jon Stewart of the Arab World”. Youssef was summoned for questioning by Egypt’s public prosecutor over the weekend after an arrest warrant was issued on accusations he insulted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Islamic faith. (Ah, the old comparing NBC to a repressive Egyptian government gag — it works every time.) A former heart surgeon who is also a practicing Muslim, Youssef rose to popularity with satirical videos he posted on YouTube during the Arab Spring, and more recently via his Daily Show-esque satellite TV show, The Program, which is watched by a reported 30 million viewers across the Middle East. He’s been on Stewart’s show before, so they’re pals.

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