HBO Films Developing ‘The Man Who Walked Around The World’ Movie

EXCLUSIVE: HBO Films is developing original movie The Man Who Walked Around the World. Robert Connolly (Underground: The Julian Assange Story) is attached to write and direct the project, based onĀ  the book of the same name by David Kunst and Clinton Trowbridge. It chronicles the real life adventures of the Kunst brothers. Following the Apollo moon landing, David Kunst was inspired to walk around the world. On June 20, 1970, David and his brother John walked East out of Waseca, Minnesota with a pack mule named Willie Makeit. On October 5, 1974, David walked back into Waseca, Minnesota, from the west, to become the first person confirmed to have circled the land mass of the earth on foot. David started off the journey with his brother John Kunst who was killed by bandits in Afghanistan in 1972. David was then joined by his other brother, Pete, in a show of support, and the two completed the trip together. The Man Who Walked Around The World is executive produced by Ted Hope, Jonathan Ross, Glenn Rigberg and Anne Carey.

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