FCC Considers Changes To Broadcast Indecency Rules

The FCC is revisiting its broadcast indecency policies to determine if changes are needed or if the rules should remain as is. In a notice posted today on the regulatory agency’s website, the FCC said it wants to ensure that its enforcement of indecency rules is “fully consistent with vital First Amendment principles” following last year’s Supreme Court ruling that its enforcement of indecency rules was too vague. The FCC is seeking comments on whether it should shift the focus of its enforcement to egregious cases such as a deliberate and repetitive use of expletives and whether isolated flashes of nudity should be treated the same as or differently than isolated expletives. The FCC also said it has reduced the backlog of indecency complaints by 70%, down by more than 1 million, since last September. Many of the complaints, the agency said, were beyond the statute of limitations or too stale to pursue.

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