No Joke: Tribeca Fest Closing Nighter Is 30-Year Old ‘The King Of Comedy’

So the Tribeca Film Festival has found a film to close its 2013 fest. It’s Martin Scorsese‘s The King Of Comedy, with a restored print that of course stars festival patriarch Robert De Niro. I find myself often critical of Tribeca for never really finding a niche that defines rivals like Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, and even upstarts like SXSW. So while most of those fests would move heaven and earth to land a closing night film that is unseen and has a high degree of wanna-see, the idea of closing the fest with a film released in 1983 seems a bit wacky. But that movie has so many classic scenes with De Niro, Jerry Lewis, and Sandra Bernhard and the theme of Rupert Pupkin’s fan obsession is so twisted (“Rupert, what are you doing down there?” “Mom!”) that I have to say, I’ve finally found a film worth falling in love with at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.  Here’s a short trip down memory lane:

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