Is Your Internet Slow Today?

If so you wouldn’t be alone. What’s being called one of the biggest cyberattacks in the history of the Internet has impacted millions of web users and reportedly has caused slowdowns at online video services like Netflix and Hulu, though Netflix just told us it hasn’t had any issues. (There also have been no reports of slowdowns on Deadline to date.) The problem apparently began when a Swiss-based anti-spam watchdog put Dutch web hosting service Cyberbunker on its blacklist of spammers, and Cyberbunker last week began retaliating by organizing a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) campaign, according to the NY Times. The attacks, in which huge packets of data are pushed around the web, reached as high as 300 gigabits per second. A typical attack, like the ones that took down several banks recently, generally reach about 50 Gbps, the paper reports.

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