Will Big Movie Scribes Settle WGA Strike?

(See WGA unofficial reaction below…) I’m told there’s a secret meeting of some top screenwriters — the really, really successful ones known as the A-listers — coming up this weekend and their intention is to band together and make a powerful coalition that will force the WGA leadership to accept whatever deal the DGA makes with the AMPTP. Many of these big movie scribes are hyphenates who carry cards for both the writers guild and the directors guild. They’re confident the DGA will make a deal that the two guilds can live with. (But even if it means they’d abandon a better streaming or electronic sell-through or even DVD residuals formula? Remains to be seen…) Besides the top screenwriters, some TV showrunners plan to join this coalition. They’re all weighing their options about how to convey their unified message and best exert pressure for this strike to be settled. One of the steps might include their taking out a trade ad. I’ll report more when I get additional news on this big development. Everything is very hush-hush. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: A member of the WGA board had this to say: “Anyone, A-list writers or not, who would posture in public, in advance of a DGA deal, as willing to take the DGA deal before they even make it… who as DGA members would compromise the DGA’s leverage by announcing this before hand… has awarded themselves the Darwin Award for the world’s weakest negotiators.”

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