EMMYS: Excuse Me, How Much Is Michael Scott's Tie? NBC Uni Launches Mannequin Campaign At Bloomingdales

I’ve written about the popularity of 3D Emmy mailers this season. NBC Uni’s Universal Media Studios took the 3D Emmy promo trend one, well, a few steps further with the first ever department store-based NUP_140744_0005campaign featuring mannequin displays. Some customers shopping this week at the three Bloomingdales stories in the Los Angeles area – in Century City, at the Beverly Center and in Sherman Oaks – stumbled upon some unusual mannequin installations. Called “mannequin moments,” each is themed after an UMS-produced primetime series in contention for Emmy nominations with the mannequins dressed like characters from the series in settings and situations reminiscent of the shows. UMS’ costume designers dressed the mannequins with clothes from the Bloomingdales’ collections, and the studio’s visual artists created a scene representative of each show (for example: in the Parks & Rec display, a parks and rec worker in a hard hat is planting a tree while two colleagues sit on a park bench.)

Why Bloomingdales? UMS believes that most TV Academy voters live and/or work in West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley and are frequent Bloomingdales shoppers. One think I’m not clear about: how exactly would the stiff dummies inspire potential shoppers/Emmy voters to nominate their prototypes’ vivid performances?

The nine installations – for House, 30 Rock and Parks & Rec in Century City; for Community, Friday Night Lights and Law & Order: SVU at the Beverly Center; and for Parenthood, The Office and Law & Order in Sherman Oaks – will be on display during the Emmy voting period: June 7-June 20. Stopping by the installations today will be cast members of the shows who will face the taller, anorexic versions of themselves.

TV networks and studio had been looking for new ways to reach Emmy voters as once-dominant trade advertising is slipping and migrating online. The Bloomingdales stint seems like a shot in the dark. Who knows how many TV Academy members will visit any of the three stores in the next 10 days (it helps that June 20 is Father’s Day, a good-size gift-buying holiday), and how many of those who venture into those large stores will come across any of the displays. We’ll never know. Unless a voter by mistake puts their Bloomingdale receipt in the nomination envelope instead of their ballot.

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