Fox Aircraft Carrier Pilot ‘Wild Blue’ Pushed

Fox is postponing production on drama pilot Wild Blue, which has been moved off-cycle. Written by Taylor Elmore and to be directed by Michael Dinner, the Sony Pictures TV-produced project is an upstairs/downstairs look at the working men and women aboard an aircraft carrier. Given the setting, Fox and Sony TV had been looking to film the pilot on a Navy carrier. Speculation about the pilot being pushed first surfaced more than two weeks ago when it became clear that the carrier the producers were eying for the shoot would not be available until after pilot season. But around the same time, Tim McGraw, a top choice for the lead role, engaged, entering talks. The prospect of landing him made Fox and Sony TV put a pin in their plans to push production and instead explore alternative location options, including building some of the needed interiors onstage. But McGraw eventually walked away, and the network and studio reverted to their previous plan to wait until the carrier they wanted becomes available. Cast in Wild Blue so far are Mykelti Williamson, Josh Salatin, Will Rothhaar, Alano Miller and Gina Rodriguez.

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