Banned ‘Sex.Violence’ Film Lands U.S. Deal

Controversial Singaporean film Sex.Violence.FamilyValues has just been banned in Malaysia but the producers have sold the 47-minute pastiche of three comedies to a U.S. distributor and are close to finalizing a deal with iTunes. Writer-director Ken Kwek’s English-language triptych was due to screen next week at the Asean International Film Festival in Kuching but organizers informed him the Malaysian Film Censorship Board has banned the film. The film was banned in Singapore last October when censors deemed one segment in which a Chinese porn director played by Adrian Pang rants against an Indian actor “racially offensive”. After the scenes in question were deleted the film was allowed to open. Kwek says most shows are sold out at the single theater where it’s playing. He tells Deadline the full, unedited version has been acquired by U.S. distributor Virgil Films and Entertainment, which will release it VOD and online, and Singapore cable channel SingTel MioTV plans to show the censored version. – Don Groves

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