Maven Pictures Plots Pic About ‘The Making Of Rock Hudson’

EXCLUSIVE: Maven Pictures’ Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler have acquired The Making Of Rock Hudson, a script by Tyler Ruggeri about the transformation of a young Midwesterner into a legendary movie star. Maven will produce with Gadabout’s Aaron Cruze and Stephanie Marin.

The transformation of Hudson from a shy kid into a sex symbol with rugged good looks was a tricky bit of business, in that he was forced to keep secret his homosexuality. The script tells the story from the vantage point of Henry Willson, the agent who discovered Hudson. Beyond changing the actor’s name, Willson became adept at keeping secrets. One would hope that such a stigma is fast becoming a thing of the past, as more and more actors are now open about their sexuality. Back in Hudson’s heyday, such honesty would have been instant career suicide. When the showbiz tabloid Confidential threatened to publish rumors that Hudson was leading a secret life in 1955, Willson arranged for Hudson to marry his secretary, Phyllis Gates. They did a good job of keeping Hudson’s private life private right up until he died in 1985, when he became the first major movie star to pass away from complications relating to AIDS. (more…)

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