Anti-Obama Filmmaker Plans ‘America’ Followup Movie For 2014

Filmmakers behind 2016: Obama’s America, the second-highest grossing political documentary of all time, are preparing a followup film. Dinesh D’Souza, bestselling author and co-director/co-writer of 2016, announced the new movie which will be titled America. D’Souza will write and host America and his 2016 co-director John Sullivan will direct. Gerald R. Molen returns as producer. In his announcement D’Souza described the new film as taking a cue from James Stewart’s character George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life, imagining what today’s world would be like if America had never existed because “we are now living in the America that we warned our fellow citizens could come to pass if President Obama were re-elected”. 2016: Obama’s America debuted in a single theater on July 13, 2012 and went on to gross nearly $33.5 million. The new film America is targeted for release in mid-2014.

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