It's Raining F-Bombs At MTV Movie Awards

UPDATE MONDAY: Dealing with the fallout from its profanity-laden MTV Movie Awards last night, MTV issued a statement apologizing for the 100+ curse words uttered from the stage of the show, some of which made it into the live broadcast without being bleeped.

The MTV Movie Awards is a live televised event known for irreverent comedy and a party atmosphere where our guests speak more freely than they otherwise might,” an MTV spokeswoman said. “While we aired the live broadcast with a delay, we were unable to mute every word that some might find objectionable.  All of these words will be muted in subsequent airings. We sincerely apologize to those in our audience who were offended by any objectionable words that might have slipped by for the live airing.”

The always-vigilant Parents Television Council used the opportunity to attack the current cable system that offers basic cable channels in packages. (Cable nets are not regulated by the FCC.) It addressed the MTV Movie Awards as well as the premiere of the new MTV series The Hard Times of RJ Berger that followed it and, for some reason, kept referring to the awards show as the MTV Music Awards.

“Families were assaulted by the content found on the MTV Music Awards and on Hard Times and we should not have to pay for this kind of filth on our cable bills – especially since it’s targeted directly towards our children,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “The fact that both programs were rated as appropriate for 14-year-olds demonstrates the lack of any serious regard Viacom or MTV have for the television content ratings system.  A movie with the same amount of profanity as on both shows would (or at least should) garner an R-rating…The Music Awards and Hard Times should have been rated TV-MA.”

aziz_ansari-pg199602PREVIOUS SUNDAY 11 PM: Two words summed up tonight’s MTV Movie Awards: Twilight and f**k. Both found their way into pretty much every segment, with Twilight: New Moon winning every category it was nominated in and the number of F-bombs dropped probably setting a record for a TV broadcast. Here are some pf the night’s highlights:


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