Hot Teaser: ‘Alan Partridge Is In Alpha Papa’

Most British comedy returns after long absences fall flat — especially when their creators have sworn off bringing them back. That’s what Steve Coogan did before deciding instead to revive his cult BBC TV character Alan Partridge in the upcoming Baby Cow/Studiocanal pic. Coogan is raising his profile this year with Sundance hit The Look Of Love, Toronto debut What Maisie Knew and the Alan Partridge movie, now officially titled Alan Partridge Is In Alpha Papa. The meta-teaser below sees Partridge, Coogan’s maladroit Norfolk DJ, and cohorts try to come up with that title. The film picks up from last year’s specials that aired via Sky: Partridge’s digital radio station is taken over by a giant media corporation and he gets caught up in a siege of the building. No word on whether Coogan, who settled a phone-hacking case with the News Of The World, took inspiration from any real-life media giants. Studiocanal releases August 7 in the UK.

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