‘2 Broke Girls’ At PaleyFest: No Max’s Mom Yet, But A Lot Of Horsing Around

Ross Lincoln is a Deadline contributor.

Fans learned that Max Black’s mother might never make an appearance, while Garrett Morris and Jennifer Coolidge proved their improv skills haven’t been diluted by the relative comfort of a successful sitcom during tonight’s 2 Broke Girls panel on the penultimate night of PaleyFest 2013. Moderated by Christina McLarty, in addition to Morris (Earl) and Coolidge (Sophie) the panel included fellow cast members Kat Dennings (Max Black), Beth Behrs (Caroline Channing), Jonathan Kite (Oleg) and Matthew Moy (Han Lee), along with series co-creator and executive producer Michael Patrick King.

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The discussion was breezy and played to each actor’s strengths, particularly Morris and Coolidge. Early in the evening, Morris drew big laughs when, after the heartwarming reveal that he’s in his 8th year of sobriety after having kicked a problem with cocaine, he quickly reassured the audience that “when it comes to marijuana, its good for glaucoma, good for anxiety.” Coolidge was similarly game for anything, often responding to moderator and fan questions with non sequitur punch lines like the claim that she’d love salmon cupcakes. But laughs weren’t limited to the veterans, as full panel riffed off of topics ranging from the most embarrassing lines of dialogue — Beth Behrs singled out “It’d be nice to have his wad in my mouth for a change” — to the worst jobs each panelist has held. Dennings offered that she once did a commercial for a drug remedy for bedwetting.

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It wasn’t just riffing, however, as the panel spilled some interesting trivia too. For instance CBS, King insisted, has been very supportive, rarely censoring the often envelope-pushing dialogue. The exception: “Shes being a little unty-kay”, a line intended for Dennings’ Max that took the show’s censor three days to get. Behrs also revealed that after a long day under the lights, with an audience, her horse on the show got a little testy and she really thought he might bite her during a closeup so she finished the scene in a hurry.

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Few details about the future of the show were revealed, although King did confirm that it’s unlikely the show will ever actually feature an appearance by Max Black’s often talked about relatives. “We love that we find out about Max’s family through her very skewed view,” he said, adding that should they ever decide to do it, “It would take a very special actress.”

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