Now HBO's 'Tilda' Stops Culver City Traffic

tilda3-300x209You know how sometimes you try hard to leave work at home — but it follows you wherever you go? That happened to me when I was driving my girls to gymnastics today.

A long line of SUVs and minivans, most of them carrying little ones to JAG Gym in Culver City, formed at 1 PM today when a female police officer blocked off the street. Unlike other parents who looked very puzzled, I had figured out what was going on by the small yellow “TILDA” sign on National Blvd and the RM/G Media Group logo. (That’s the name of the media conglomerate from the Bill Condon-directed HBO pilot Tilda starring Diane Keaton, which is now shooting in Los Angeles).

tilda5-300x236But there were no signs that the street had been closed for filming — and yet there we were, sitting in our cars for 10-15 minutes with no explanation. When I asked the officer for one, she yelled that a production “owns the street” and all we could do is sit and wait. Several moms came to me afterwards to ask what happened. Since I’ve been covering the project, I had answers.

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