Enormous MPTF Executive Pay Exposed By Union

On the eve of a Monday strike, the union that represents healthcare workers at the Motion Picture and Television Fund‘s hospital and facilities is taking a scorch Earth approach. The latest salvo by the Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West is providing Deadline with the MPTF’s 2011 IRS filing that reveals the premium compensation given top executives and employees at the non-profit. Obviously, this demonstrates the huge gap between what nurses and other caregivers earn and what the bigwigs make. (The average wage for a MPTF worker is around $45,300.) This info comes one day after the last scheduled bargaining session between the two sides ended in an impasse. It also comes after MPTF CEO Bob Beitcher asked “all of our staff to join in a shared sacrifice” on Wednesday in a statement on the organization’s website. Here is a list of what the top 5 MPTF officers and employees were paid in 2011:

Robert L. Beitcher – CEO : $775,978
(Salary: $550,860; Bonus: $196,666; Retirement/Deferred: $8,151; Other/Nontaxable Benefits: $20,301)

David B. Tillman M.D. – Former CEO (Retired in Feb. 2010): $848,662
(Severance Benefits: $597,320; Retirement/Deferred: $251,342)

Frank J, Guarrara – $581,023
(Salary: $332,129; Bonus: $50,00; Retirement/Deferred: $165,386; Other/Nontaxable Benefits:: $33,508)

Ken W. Scherer – $561,975
(Salary: $270.926; Bonus: $50,000; Retirement/Deferred: $211,765; Other/Nontaxable Benefits:: $29,284)

Seth H. Ellis – $385,372
(Salary: $240,817; Bonus: $50,000; Retirement/Deferred: $66,527; Other/Nontaxable Benefits: $28,028)

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