VEVO Launches “Broadcast-Style” Online Music Video Channel

Will this become another pay TV channel, requiring cable and satellite distributors to pay monthly per-subscriber fees? Music industry powers Universal Music and Sony apparently believe that’s possible for their music video service, although they’re launching it today in cyberspace. The company calls VEVO TV a “broadcast-style music and video channel” because it will run programming 24/7, instead of just offering clips for on-demand viewing. It will feature “All hand-programmed by humans for music lovers everywhere to lean back, watch and enjoy,” VEVO says in a blog post announcing the service. Viewers can tune in at and via apps for Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices as well as the Xbox 360 and Roku. VEVO TV will have a programming guide identifying what’s playing, as well as what’s coming up. Viewers can create a playlist by clicking on a “Watch It Later” button. The company introduced the service today in the U.S. and Canada and says it will “soon expand to addition countries, and with additional channels.” Launch sponsors include adidas Originals, McDonald’s, Red Bull and State Farm.

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