Netflix Introduces Monthly Report Comparing Broadband Speeds

This is sure to irk some broadband providers: The streaming video company unveiled today the “Netflix ISP Speed Index,” a Web site designed to help people see “which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best Netflix streaming experience.” The company offers data for all of the countries it serves. And the U.S. falls into the middle of the pack — No. 4 out of eight countries —  with an average speed in February of 2.30 megabits per second. Finland tops the list with 2.57 mbps while Mexico is last with 1.65.  But the U.S. tally includes ISPs with the fastest and slowest speeds in the Netflix universe. Google Fiber in Kansas City tops the chart with an average speed of 3.35. Cablevision’s Optimum service comes next with 2.35 — which should give it bragging rights in its competition with Verizon’s FiOS, at No. 5 with 2.10. Cox, with 2.12, was the month’s biggest gainer, rising five spots to No. 4. Charter (2.08) dropped two spots to No. 6 while Comcast (2.06) fell one spot to No. 7. Time Warner Cable (2.04) held at No. 9. At the bottom of the list are Clearwire (1.25), and DSL services from Verizon (1.37) and AT&T (1.43).

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