Ducks Back In Fox Den: Birds Make Studio Lot Their Permanent Summer Home

IMG00009-20100602-1357They’re baaaack: the ducks on the Fox lot! After winning over the hearts of News Corp employees last spring, Mama Duck, named Harriet, made a return with a new flock of cute ducklings this year. When I was entering the Fox lot today, the security guard at the gate greeted me with a warning: “Drive carefully, we have ducks!” Indeed, Mom was perched on the pen built for the fowl last year, watching over her 7 napping offspring by the fountain in front of the Fox network building. After calling Animal IMG00011-20100602-1358Control last year and being told that the ducks can’t be moved by law, Fox employees took over the bird care. The loss of three ducklings to crows and owls even prompted workers to implement a volunteer guard system of two-hour shifts on weekends when security guards were not around. The weekend shifts now continue, and only one duckling has been lost so far. The ducks have been and still are the biggest celebrities on the lot, with people stopping by to take pictures. They certainly got a lot more attention than Leonardo DiCaprio who was having a quiet lunch at the Fox commissary.

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