Paramount Wins Legal Round In ‘No Country For Old Men’ Bonus Dispute

Paramount scored another win this week in the latest court battle stemming from the 2006 contracting mistake that nabbed Tommy Lee Jones a $17.5 million bonus for No Country For Old Men. Marathon Funding, a 25% investor and shareholder in Paramount’s Best Picture winner, was forced to pay out $2 million toward Jones’s bonus when a court ruled that the actor was entitled to the sum. Miffed at having to pay for Paramount’s mistake, Marathan sued Paramount for breach of fiduciary duty but lost in L.A. Superior Court in December of 2011. On Monday the fund was denied its appeal against Paramount in a ruling by the Second Appellate Court (read it here). The original slip-up occurred seven years ago when a Paramount lawyer included an erroneous box office bonus clause in contracts for Jones, Joel and Ethan Coen, and producer Scott Rudin. The Coens and Rudin renegotiated their contracts to fix the error but Jones held his ground and won, receiving $10 million more in bonuses than he would otherwise have received.

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