MPAA Lost Money In 2011 As It Paid Chris Dodd $2.4M

The trade group CEO helped it to justify its status as a non-profit in his first year as Hollywood’s chief lobbyist. Although revenues grew 22.5% to $60.8M in 2011,  expenses were up 26.2% to $61M resulting in a loss of $246,879, according to the tax form posted online by Torrentfreak. Chris Dodd‘s compensation accounted for 4% of MPAA‘s revenues: It included a salary of $2.27M, a $100,000 bonus, $36,924 in other reportable compensation, $13,475 in retirement and deferred compensation, and $10,733 in nontaxable benefits. Total salaries for the 205 employees jumped 22.5% to $26.5M. (Former MPAA President Robert Pisano, listed as special adviser, made $1.35M.) The form doesn’t provide year-over-year comparisons for individual items. But it shows that in 2011 — as the MPAA geared up for its failed effort to persuade Congress to pass anti-piracy legislation — it spent $4.7M on lobbying and $10.1M on legal expenses, as well as $2.9M for occupancy and $1.9M for travel. (more…)

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