Michael Stahl-David (Cloverfield) is set to topline Fox‘s drama pilot Boomerang, from John Wells Prods. and Warner Bros TV. Patrick Heusinger also has landed a lead in the project written by Davey Holmes, which is about the Hamiltons, a family who serve as assassins for the federal government. It centers on Sam Hamilton (Stahl-David), an assassin who left Guatemala one step ahead of disgruntled government agents, broke and out of options. He is forced to return to his family — also paid assassins for the CIA — but is considered a loose cannon by his father Bill and older brother Carl (Heusinger). Carl is an overly sensitive ex-jock resentful of — but genuinely fond of — his flashier, brainier brother, Sam. Felicity Huffman plays the mother. Stahl-David, repped ICM Partners and Management 360, did an arc on CBS’ Person of Interest, also produced by Warner Bros. Heusinger is with Gersh and The Group.