Editors Call Strike On History Channel’s ‘Swamp People’

Post-production editors on History’s Swamp People walked off the job today in protest over producers trying to stymie union organizing. #STRIKE! Until further notice, Editors Guild and potential members are instructed not to service the production #SwampPeople for @History,tweeted the Motion Pictures Editors Guild this morning. The dispute between the union and producers Original Media escalated after the company allegedly was “interrogating employees about union organizing activity,” according to a post on the union’s website. Approximately 16 people walked off the job today at Hollywood Production Center. That effectively shuts down fourth-season post-production on the reality series, a source close to events tells me. The editorial crew on Swamp People is not part of the guild, but they had been talking about joining the IATSE union, the source says. “We don’t have a line out right now but that could happen soon depending on how the situation with Original evolves,” added the source. Swamp People, which follows a group of alligator hunters in Louisiana, premiered its fourth season Thursday.

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