AMPTP's PR Firm Justifies Its Existence But Masters Of Disaster Make Own Mess

UPDATE: Oops. The liberal website Daily Kos is reporting that Fabiani & Lehane is starting to lose union clients because it accepted the AMPTP gig fighting the striking Hollywood writers. The site confirmed that F&L was fired this morning by SEIU Local 99 in Los Angeles (made up of education workers who include teacher’s aides, cafeteria workers and crossing guards) and this afternoon by Change to Win (a coalition of seven top unions including SEIU, Teamsters, and the Laborers). “Change to Win had a general consulting contract with Chris Lehane. That contract was terminated upon discovery of his role supporting the studios in the writers guild strike. As you know, Change to Win and its affiliates stand solidly behind the writers in their struggle for fairness, so we did not think twice about this decision,” the organization told the Daily Kos. Meanwhile, I hear that the moguls are less than thrilled with F&L’s performance for the AMPTP so far.

Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane, whose Fabiani & Lehane like to call themselves the Masters Of Disaster, have fingerprints all over the AMPTP’s strike PR. I’ve learned that F&L was responsible for naming the studios’ and networks’ offer to the WGA that “New Economic Partnership”. They also offered the suggestion that the CEOs stop calling the writers’ side “negotiators” and start branding them “organizers” because it sounds more Commie. They wrote Friday’s strongly worded and downright menacing press release to satusfy the moguls apparent craving for combat not conciliation. But, so far, that’s it. An AMPTP insider insists F&L is only being paid a 1/3 what anyone thinks “but it’s not necessarily money well spent.”

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