Still More Inaccurate Info Re DreamWorks

That Radar item this morning about Sumner Redstone supposedly forcing Steven Spielberg out of DreamWorks (picked up by the Drudge Report) is total nonsense. Really, what are those Radar people smoking? Later the gossip column softened its lead, but it’s still wrong. Here’s a fact: Steven can’t be fired. And even if he could be fired, the DreamWorks toppers would love nothing more than to be fired. Also, Steven can’t leave “DreamWorks” because DreamWorks has the right to take the name of the company with them. What’s more laughable is Radar‘s claim that “Viacom announced it would not renew DreamWorks’ contract when it expires next November.” Absolutely untrue. Not to mention the fact that Phillippe Dauman, Redstone’s No. 2, was recently sucking up to Spielberg in remarks at last week’s UBS conference. Yes, the conventional wisdom that I and everyone else have already written is that Spielberg will leave Paramount at the end of 2008 and flee to Universal which houses his offices and has been his Hollywood home for all his career. (Also, DreamWorks can’t shop itself around until April ’08 at the earliest under the current contract with Paramount that expires six months later.) That this is news to Radar just shows how clueless that place is. Such meathead journalism demonstrating total ignorance about the business of Hollywood would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic like their constant coverage of Paris, Lindsay and Nicole. “The only thing I can verify is that everyone’s names are spelled correctly,” a pissed-off DreamWorks source told me.

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