The Morning After: PTC Slams CBS' '$#!'

Well, that didn’t take long. The Parents Television Council this morning issued the following statement regarding new CBS comedy series $#! My Dad Says, which was announced yesterday.

LOS ANGELES (May 20, 2010) – The Parents Television Council denounced CBS for choosing to insert an expletive into the name of its new show, “$#*! My Dad Says,” scheduled to air at 8:30 pm ET/PT  on Thursdays in the fall. “CBS intentionally chose to insert an expletive into the actual name of a show, and, despite its claim that the word will be bleeped, it is just CBS’ latest demonstration of its contempt for families and the public.  There are an infinite number of alternatives that CBS could have chosen but its desire to shock and offend is crystal clear in this decision,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “The title of this show is the opposite of fleeting (profanity) – it is bold, shameless, and in-your-face.   There is incredible irony that CBS made this announcement the same day that it submitted its legal brief before the Third Circuit Court declaring that there was no mens rea to air an indecent Super Bowl broadcast.”

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