Trio Cast In NBC Pilot ‘Joe, Joe & Jane’

Will Greenberg, Lauren Lapkus (Are You There Chelsea?) and Asif Ali round out the cast of NBC‘s multi-camera comedy pilot Joe, Joe & Jane. The project, from writers-executive producers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman and 20th Century Fox TV, is loosely based on the relationship between Port, Wiseman and Wiseman’s wife. It centers on Joe Waxman (Greenberg), a conflict-avoidant children’s book author caught in an ongoing tug of war between two needy, flawed people: his wife Jane (Sally Pressman) and his handsome ladies man co-author/ best friend Joe Dougan (Dave Annable). Lapkus plays Melissa, Jane’s always-on-call friend. Ali plays Matt, Joe and Joe’s “bro” of an agent, a former frat boy.

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