“It's All About Me” Moonves At It Again

The people around Les Moonves are making a point of telling me he’s a moderate, and saying he’s not a hardliner. That may cause his showrunners to like him more when the strike is over. But why can’t he use his charismatic influence to lead the AMPTP to closing a deal with the writers sooner rather than later? The fact is it may not matter that he’s a moderate or hardliner because I hear he’s still unified with his Big Media brethren. Even though I predict flopsweat under his perfect tailoring now that Wall Street believes his CBS could be hurt by the strike worse than other Big Media (as the WSJ reported yesterday). And because the Parents Television Council, which this week lashed out at Moonves’ idea to broadcast cleaned-up versions of Showtime’s racy and gory and violent Weeds and Dexter and Brotherhood on CBS, could make trouble for him with the FCC.

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