So Which Hollywood Agency Will Sign Zombie TV Hacker First?

The stunt was pulled Monday night, when somebody with maybe too much The Walking Dead on the brain hacked into two Montana TV stations’ Emergency Alert System to warn of a real zombie apocalypse. The admittedly authentic-looking alert, which played over a commercial on Great Falls station KRTV and The Steve Wilkos Show on the local CW station, said “dead bodies are rising from their graves” and “attacking the living” in several counties. According to the Great Falls Tribune, there were at least four calls to police asking whether the alert was true — prompting KRTV to post a notice that the warning was bogus. The investigation continues, but the real scary part is how the pranksters apparently hacked into a federal system. Now their future will include jail, a TV development deal or at the least a cease-and-desist order from AMC. Here’s the CW feed:

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