Lifeline After Bankruptcy: Ex-Rhythm & Hues Artists Recruited By VFX House

Reel FX Aron WarnerNothing sucks worse in Hollywood than being out of work. Even worse when you just won a BAFTA Award and an Oscar nomination for Life Of Pi. So the VFX industry today commiserated online for those employees axed by the now bankrupt VFX house Rhythm & Hues. (Deadline first broke the news Sunday night.) But Dallas and Santa Monica-based Reel FX went a step beyond pity by posting a recruitment page on its website for the visual effects professionals left jobless by the Chapter 11 filing. “This recruiting tab was created for those Rhythm & Hues [artists] who have been affected by their recent situation. Please know our thoughts are with you,” the post read. Various artist and animator positions are advertised there – some on Guillermo del Toro-produced Book Of Life and others on Jimmy Hayward-directed Turkeys. Like Rhythm & Hues, Reel FX is a design, FX and animation studio. As many as 200 employees reportedly will be laid off from Rhythm & Hues which goes before a bankruptcy judge possibly as soon as “in the next couple days”, according to top exec Lee Berger in a statement today.

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