EXCLUSIVE: PARAMOUNT SHAKE-UP; Studio To Promote John Lesher & Rob Moore; Brad Weston's Status Unclear; UPDATE: But Now Weston's Upped, Too

UPDATE: Par’s Weston To Be Upped, Too

What a bolt out of the blue! I’ve learned that Paramount boss Brad Grey is promoting both his newish pal Paramount Vantage chief, John Lesher, and his old pal Rob Moore, the president of Paramount Pictures’ worldwide marketing, distribution and operations. So where does that leave his good pal Brad Weston, the president of production for Paramount Pictures? Good question. I understand that Weston doesn’t know his exact status, either. As a result, there was an uncomfortable confrontation this morning between Weston and Lesher, I’m told. “We want you around for the long haul,” Lesher supposedly told Weston. To which Weston is said to have responded, “I’m not stepping down and reporting to you.” Last week Brad Grey was in NYC and promised Lesher, Moore and Weston et al he’ll sort everything out when he got back to LA. (And probably a lot faster now that I’ve reported this is in the works.) In the interim, insiders tell me that Grey has been giving Lesher additional Paramount Pictures duties like handing him scripts to read and bringing him into greenlighting meetings. What’s weird about all this is that, during the height of the Paramount-DreamWorks animosity, both sides took great pains to single out Weston for praise. I do know Grey is telling people privately that nothing is final and that he wanted to try to hang on to talented manpower like Weston as a long-term key part of Paramount Pictures senior management. If that’s the case, then I think this calls for some out-of-the-box thinking re titles and reporting structures. Stay tuned for all the coming drama.

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