Carlton Cuse Not 'Lost' In Strike Confusion

For weeks since the strike started, tipsters have kept telling me that Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse, one of the WGA negotiators, had gone back to work and is a major chink in the resolve of the all-important TV showrunners. I kept trying and trying to find out if this was true, and even the WGA was incredibly cryptic about his whereabouts. In fact it’s nearly impossible to ascertain which TV showrunners are performing their producing duties, and which aren’t. Now Carlton Cuse himself distributed this email today to clear up the confusion about where he stands vis a vis his show and the strike:

To my fellow WGA Members,

I want to clear up any misunderstanding about where I stand.

On November 16, I, regretably, was quoted by a Wall Street Journal reporter saying I was going to perform some of my non-writing, post-production duties on episodes of LOST to protect the show for the fans. However, I’m sure to the delight of the AMPTP, my statement became the story and gave the false impression that there was disunity among showrunners over the issues of this negotiation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Every showrunner I know, whether producing or not producing, stands in full support of the goals of our guild.

For the past two months I have been working seven days a week on these negotiations alongside my fellow negotiating committee members.

As a committee we did everything we could to get both parties back to the bargaining table this last week. We were fully prepared to enter into the kinds of back-and-forth discussions that are necessary to reach any sort of labor deal. I sincerely hoped this return to the table would lead to real progress.

I was wrong.

In fact, given the events of last Thursday — and where things currently stand — I can no longer in good conscience continue to work on my show in any capacity.

What I will be doing is continuing my work as a member of the committee for as long as it takes, contributing in any way I can, to get us the fair and just deal that we must have.

It’s going to be an arduous fight.

But make no mistake — we are united, we are resolute…

And we are indeed ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Carlton Cuse

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