Luber Roklin Takes Ex-Employee To Court Over Unpaid Client Commissions

Luber Roklin Entertainment today sued Stephen Crawford for allegedly telling his clients not to pay commissions to his former employer once he moved to a new firm. In the three-claims complaint (read it here) the management company says that the trouble started when Crawford left LRE after five years on March 31, 2012 and joined Industry Entertainment as a manager. With his move, Crawford took his clients such as Jon Herman, Tiffany Paulsen, Adam Minarovich, David DiGilio, Adam Kane and John P. Lavin with him. Soon afterward, all of them ceased paying their 10% commissions to LRE. “If the LRE Clients were to terminate the management relationship with LRE, then LRE would continue to be entitled to a ten percent commission on all deals entered into or negotiated while they were LRE clients.  All amounts owed under the LRE Clients’ agreements with LRE were to be paid directly to LRE, not to Crawford or any other individual manager.  Although these agreements were not memorialized in writing, the terms as detailed herein were ratified through the parties’ course of conduct,” says the complaint. LRE is seeking unspecified damages and a full accounting from Crawford in its demand for a three-day jury trial. LRE is represented by Jordan Susman of LA firm Freedman & Taitelman

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