Hot Berlin Trailer*: ‘Big Ass Spider’

I put an asterisk in the title there because I can’t promise this will be a massive breakout from the market stalls of the European Film Market. But I will say that the story of a giant arachnid (à la Ray Harryhausen) terrorizing Los Angeles, and sold here by Epic Pictures, looks fun and also somewhat reminiscent of Iron Sky, a movie that kicked off its career here last year and went on to have a cult life. Big Ass Spider does not have Nazis on the moon as did Iron Sky, but it was just selected for SXSW‘s Midnighters section where it will have its world premiere and features such actors as Ray Wise and Greg Grunberg — and there’s even a cameo by Troma chieftan Lloyd Kaufman. As needed, I’ll report back during the week on the spider’s international bite. The trailer is below (with a short intro from director Mike Mendez):

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