Hot Featurette: ‘ParaNorman’ Aims To Shake Up Animated Feature Race

EXCLUSIVE: In terms of awards campaigns for the Best Animated Feature Oscar this year, ParaNorman, a nominee from Focus Features and Laika seems to be the one making the most noise, at least as far as advertising goes. Taking a cue from the Juno campaign a few years ago there is even a ParaNorman coffee truck driving around town serving up goodies. Hey, why not? If an Academy member happens to be strolling by what could be a better way to get their attention than selling them a cappuccino from Norman himself? Focus and Laika are clearly proud of their work and want Oscar voters to know they actually have racked up more critics awards than any other animated film this year, although at Rotten Tomatoes it is an extremely close race for the title of Best Reviewed animated feature among the five Oscar nominees with Frankenweenie at 88% fresh barely ahead of ParaNorman and The Pirates! Band Of Misfits at 87% while Wreck-It Ralph has 85% and Brave 78%, all healthy scores indicating this could turn out to be an extremely tight race in the end even with Ralph scoring big wins at the Annies and PGA over the competition. ParaNorman is aiming to turn the tide. Here’s an exclusive featurette:

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