Animal Planet’s ‘Puppy Bowl IX’ Surges During Super Bowl Power Outage

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The lights going out Sunday in the Superdome may have brought the Super Bowl to a temporary standstill but it reinvigorated Puppy Bowl IX. The annual Animal Planet cutie big game counterprogramming pulled in 1.1 million viewers between 8:51 PM and 9 PM during the power outage in New Orleans. Sure, it wasn’t the 104 million who watched Beyonce’s half time show on CBS about 20 minutes beforehand but it was a 54% increase over the previous Puppy Bowl segment. Overall the 12 hour competitive dog free for all marathon garnered 12.4 million viewers on Sunday. That’s an all time high for the nine-year special and helped make it cable’s number one broadcast on Sunday. Last year the Puppy Bowl had a total viewership of 8.7 million over its 12 hour cycle. The 3 PM premiere original airing of Puppy Bowl IX on Super Bowl Sunday was the most watched of all the broadcast. It pulled in 2.6 million viewers overall – a 64% increase over Puppy Bowl 2012. The lowest viewership for the Puppy Bowl came right near the end of the 12 hour loop when 180,000 tuned in for the 1 AM airing.

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