Best Quotes Of The Day From The Upfronts

UPDATED: People attending the NBC presentation were buzzing about one line in particular from the trailer for new comedy Friends With Benefits. in it, one of the guys complains to a girl about her tongue in his mouth:  “You kiss like a hobo cleaning out a margarine container.”

Over at Fox’s presentation, Jane Lynch scored big laughs as Sue Sylvester with her take on Fox’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly’s hair: “The last time I saw something that sweet and sticky, it came with a coffee and had jelly in it.”

And Scott Silveri, co-creator/executive producer of another new NBC comedy, Perfect Couples, and his wife, fellow ex-Friends executive producer Shana Goldberg-Meehan, both had new comedies about couples picked up. Goldberg-Meehan also is due to give birth next month. “The baby will come just as we’re gearing up the shows,” Silveri told me at the NBC lunch. “We were looking to see if we could push it to midseason.”

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