CANNES: Shame On You, James Robinson

All the Cannes lameass publicity news aside, and frankly it makes me want to puke even though Deadline has to post most of it for our readers, here’s something else to induce nausea: I don’t know how James Robinson can show his face there. He’s attending the festival to announce a $90M Keanu Reeves-starring sci-fi flick — yet here in Hollywood his Morgan Creek is the target of an unprecedented 3-guild (the Writers Guild, Directors Guild, and Screen Actors Guild) investigation regarding unpaid residuals for over 30 features. This has been going for over a year, meaning Robinson’s Morgan Creek will be forced to pay an exorbitant 18% late fees on all those titles. And, dammit, talent and their families live on those residuals.

Granted, Robinson has always been one of Hollywood’s bigger sons-of-a-bitch, and Morgan Creek one of the crummiest filmmakers. But it’s revolting how he clearly has no shame. He’s ensconced at Cannes presiding over a brunch for press and international buyers Sunday at the Moulin des Mougins, boasting with his SVP of worldwide marketing son Brian at his side, about the “newly reinvigorated” Morgan Creek and its “new focus” is on bigger budget projects. Really? Then pay up, you putz.

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