Power Outage In Midst Of Super Bowl XLVII: CBS Celebrates Changing Game Momentum

CBS Post-Blackout To Honor All Ad Buys

2ND UPDATE: It’s official: Les Moonves is the luckiest Big Media mogul alive now that momentum has changed in Super Bowl XLVII as San Francisco scores two straight touchdowns and causes a Baltimore turnover. CBS Sports announcers were openly celebrating the delay changing the runaway game into a heated contest. Meanwhile, the Super Dome officially apologized for the power outage.

UPDATE: It happened right after halftime when Super Bowl XLVII play had resumed in the third quarter at 3rd down and 13. Astonished Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers players went to the sidelines or sat down on the field because of the delay in the game. Recently fired Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara tweeted: “Is this the beginning of the apocalypse? Or a lame stunt promoting Revolution?” CBS announcers told viewers “it was an outside power feed that suddenly went dead”. Here’s more: “We have a power outage here in the Super Dome. There was a surge in the building and all of the lights have been knocked out. Some have begun to slowly come on. As soon as they have restored power, of course the players will come back on the field.” There will be a warm-up period before play resumes. CBS had to gamely punt on its coverage with more game analysis and replays for what was an anticipated 15-to-20 minute timeout that lasted over 35 minutes. “Hey, the next time you plug in your phone charger, give us a warning, ” Jim Nantz quipped to Phil Simms. Officials were waiting for electrical equipment for both teams to come back on. Could this major glitch change the momentum of this runaway game? I bet CBS hopes it will. Tweeted Mark Cubanjust now: “Somewhere there’s a CBS salesperson on the phone pitching the extra 10 mins of inventory they just created :).”

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